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When to use ESB versus ETL

        posted by , February 12, 2011

ESB and ETL — two technologies for data integration. When to use ESB vs. ETL is a source of much confusion amongst solution architects and developers.

ESB vs. ETL Decision Tree

Generally, ESB is used for real-time messaging and ETL is used for high volume batch.

ESB versus ETL

The decision matrix is just a rule of thumb. The ESB vs ETL decision must also take into account specific use cases and product capabilities.

Fading Distinctions

These days the line between ESB and ETL is becoming blurred.

Many ETL vendors are adding real-time messaging capabilities to their products. At the same time, ESB vendors are adding file handling adapters, batch job schedulers that allow ESB to compete with ETL file processing.

Other Considerations

When considering the ESB vs. ETL question it is important to look at specific product features. Important considerations include:

ESB software

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