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Why Lazy Enterprise Architects Are So Successful

        posted by , February 04, 2011

Many successful Enterprise Architects(EAs) are lazy. They almost always go home on time. They are never hopelessly overwhelmed by work. They even avoid those painful weekend-killing projects.

There are two types of successful people:

1. Those who hit the ground running with every project and always seem willing to take on more: the aggressive work takers.

2. Those who fear work and are always looking for the simplest path: the innovative work avoiders.

Aggressive Work Takers (awt)

Aggressive Work Takers never hesitate to take action items in meetings. These are the people who are always on the big projects — working late into the night and on weekends. They return mail quickly even when they are at home or on vacation. They succeed by consistently demonstrating their dedication to the company.

They are hard workers — and they make terrible Enterprise Architects.

Aggressive Work Takers seek the glory of big projects — and rarely think lean. Being action oriented they tend to make quick decisions. They are likely to commit to complex solutions and fruitless projects.

Innovative Work Avoiders (iwa)

Lazy people don't succeed: they stay at home watching television. Innovative Work Avoiders are different: they have the drive to succeed but passionately want to do it with as little work as possible.

They tend to make good Enterprise Architects because they:
  • seek innovation
  • think lean
  • spend more time asking why
  • are big picture thinkers (stay focused on high level issues and avoid tangents into low level details)
  • can think outside of the box

In short, Innovative Work Avoiders are successful in their own careers by innovating more and working less. They are often able to translate this success into smart, simple, inexpensive strategies and solutions that are well aligned with enterprise goals. In many cases they make good Enterprise Architects despite their lazy appearance.

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